Corporate Caterer Serving Vancouver, Burnaby
& the Lower Mainland since 1991

As a Vancouver corporate caterer, Citrus Catering has been delivering fresh and delicious food to companies and offices in Vancouver, Burnaby, and the Lower Mainland for more than 25 years. This is the essence of who we are, but there's more to our story than meets the eye.

At Citrus Catering, we pour our passion on a plate. We use the most wholesome ingredients to prepare gourmet sandwiches, sizzling entrees, and unbelievable desserts from scratch...every time. We source our ingredients locally, ensuring that we deliver breakfast, lunch, dinner and hors d'oeuvres that please the taste buds of our clients, their employees and guests.

Our passion for green goes beyond our lettuce. At Citrus Catering, green means:

  • All food is delivered on reusable platters, bowls and wicker baskets.
  • Reducing water consumption by 60 per cent with low-flow heads on our pre-rinse water sprayers.
  • In-house recycling for glass, cardboard, metal, plastic containers and office paper.

Beyond our office delivery and event catering services in Vancouver, Burnaby BC and the Lower Mainland, Citrus Catering provides staffing and food service for in-house cafes and cafeterias.